immigration lawyers in El Paso, Texas

Immigration lawyers in El Paso, Texas


Labor Certification

If you are a U.S. employer seeking to hire an immigrant, Labor. Certification may be the most appealing option for you, and the most appealing benefit to your future employee because it may result in Lawful Permanent Resident status. Our Managing Partner, John Benjamin Moore, is the only lawyer in El Paso who has worked for the Board of Alien Labor Certifications Appeal. As such, he has a unique view of the labor certification process – a view that will help us win your case.

Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waivers

Not all employment-based permanent resident visas require labor certification, nor even formal employment. If you are an individual of extraordinary ability, or you believe your immigration would be in the nation’s interest, please discuss these options with us. Our team of immigration lawyers have the creativity necessary to give you the best chance of convincing the U.S. government that you qualify for one of these special permanent residence visas.

Employment Verification

If you hire employees in the U.S., whether citizens or foreign nationals, understand that verification of work authorization is your responsibility. It is important that you follow a careful process, as you can face penalties for not properly verifying work authorization and obtaining the necessary permits or visas for your employees.

The good news is you don’t have to guess at whether you’re doing it right. We can help you!

Villalobos & Moore can provide counsel to employers to ensure you’re meeting the legal requirements that come with hiring in the U.S.. We’ll walk you through pertinent immigration issues to protect you and your employees.

The I-9 form is constantly changing, as are the documents necessary to very employment eligibility. Overly zealous HR staff may violate IRCA in an attempt to ensure I-9 compliance.  If your HR has not been trained on I-9 employment verification by an immigration attorney, you are running the risk of violating federal law.  Our lawyers can train your staff, do an I-9 audit, manage your I-9 process, or all of the above.

Work Visas

vml_business_women_teamwork Work visas are granted for the primary purpose of allowing an individual, who is not a U.S. citizen, or Lawful Permanent Resident to work in the United States.

There are many different types of work visas and, depending on your specific skills and qualifications, our attorneys will be able to guide you in determining the type of visa that best fits your situation.

Some work visas come with added benefits to the principal worker’s spouse and children. Unlike other attorneys whose services end with the employer or employee, our immigration attorneys will ensure that your entire family receives the benefits the law affords them.

Business Investor Visas

This type of visa grants an individual the right to enter the United States for the purpose of making specific business investments.

Applying for a business investor visa can be quite complicated, which is why we advise that you consult with a knowledgeable immigration attorney from our firm. We’ll assist you with all aspects of forming your business in the U.S. to give you the best chance of success in the visa application, and in business.  We have successfully obtained investor visas for clients throughout the world, including in the most notoriously difficult posts, such as Frankfurt, Germany.

We understand that for most international investors and entrepreneurs, an investor visa is a prized possession, but not the only thing to consider. Our attorneys will work with you to establish your business in such a way that you can qualify for the investor visa without having to compromise on your business goals.

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