Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas.

Villalobos & Moore has U.S. and Mexican Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas specialized in immigration, human rights, public international, constitutional, electoral, as well as international treaties and free trade agreements, with U.S. and Mexican law licenses.



Do you have immigration problems?

For any of these factors:

  • Visiting the United States temporarily.
  • Working in the United States.
  • Seeking permanent residency.

In order to comply with the above mentioned points it is mandatory to comply with the strict immigration laws, that is why, you can trust our experienced Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas to avoid removal from the United States.

What is immigration? Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas

The act of entering a country by persons coming from another place with the intention of working or residing temporarily or permanently in that country.

In the United States, immigration procedures are governed by laws and procedures that control who enters or leaves the country with Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas.

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Immigration lawyers in El Paso, Texas

Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas.

Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas. We excel in being reliable and respectful in each case, we seek to protect and see that the rights of all people are fulfilled when choosing their home, so we provide the representation you deserve.

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Villalobos & Moore is located at 1714 N. Mesa (Rim & Mesa) El Paso, TX 79902—right at the foot of the Franklin Mountains where the great star of El Paso shines throughout the year.
Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas. We specialize in business, military, family, naturalization, and deportation defense law. Please ask about our military discount.

We have been working for years in all areas of immigration law.

Experience 100%
  • Labor certification for U.S. companies seeking to hire immigrants
  • Business Investor Visa Services
  • Work visas
  • Complex visitor visa cases
  • Form I-9 Compliance for U.S. businesses
Experience 100%
  • Visa services for families of soldiers and veterans
  • Expedited naturalization for soldiers, veterans, and their families
  • Parole in Place for families of soldiers and veterans
Experience 100%
  • Family visas
  • Lawful Permanent Residence
  • Affirmative Asylum representation
  • Fiancé visas
Experience 100%
  • Naturalization of
  • Permanent Residents
  • Derivative Citizenship at birth for children born abroad
  • Acquired Citizenship, whether under existing law or old law
  • Midwife cases
  • Dual Registered cases
Experience 100%
  • ICE Bonds and Paroles
  • EOIR Bonds
  • Defensive Asylum
  • Full range of motions practice, including motions to suppress, to change venue, for termination and/or administrative closure, etc.
  • All forms of deportation defense

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