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Immigration attorney in El paso, Texas.

Do I need an immigration attorney in El Paso, Texas for a green card?

If you’re applying for a green card in El Paso, Texas, you may be wondering whether or not you need an immigration attorney. While it is not required to have a lawyer to apply for a green card, there are several reasons why hiring an immigration attorney in El Paso, Texas may be beneficial.

Enter the United States with a Green Card

Acquiring permanent residence in the United States is a dream of many around the world. The so-called Land of Opportunities offers several options to obtain permanent residence (green card). The most popular option is through a family petition. He may also acquire residency through employment or a business/investor visa. In addition, residency may be obtained through extraordinary ability in a qualifying field. There is even a diversity visa lottery available for citizens of countries underrepresented in visa quotas.

Requirements to renew the Green Card

To renew your green card, you must submit an application and pay the associated fee. Afterwards, you will be assigned an appointment to take your fingerprints. If you have been convicted of a crime or have abandoned your residence, you may be in deportation or removal proceedings. This is why, before applying for green card renewal, it is necessary to consult an experienced immigration attorney in El Paso ,Texas professional.

Green Card Travel Rules

Generally, permanent residents will not be required to travel outside of the United States for periods of six months or longer. Otherwise, the immigration officer could conclude that the resident abandoned his residence in the United States.
One way to prevent the duration of your absence from being considered abandonment of residence is to apply for a re-entry permit.
Since traveling outside of the United States can have serious consequences, consult with an experienced immigration attorney in El Paso ,Texas first.

Apply for the Green Card through Marriage

The number of intercultural marriages is increasing as the world becomes more and more connected. US citizens who marry foreigners want their spouses to be able to remain in the United States. For this a two-step process has to be followed. First, the American citizen has to file a petition for his or her spouse, and show the USCIS that their marriage is in good faith, to establish a life together, not to grant an immigration benefit to the foreign person.
Second, the foreign person has to establish their eligibility for permanent residence, thus demonstrating that there is no reason for inadmissibility.
From this, the government will conduct a thorough investigation. In addition to taking their fingerprints and background checks, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will conduct an in-depth, sworn interview with the couple.

If you’re considering applying for a green card it’s important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney in El Paso, Texas. Contact a Villalobos & Moore to schedule a consultation and learn more about how an attorney can help you with your green card application.

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